New updates and improvements to Ocoya.

  1. We have just released a BIG update! We will be entering the New Year with a faster, more powerful platform (with far fewer bugs!) 🚀

    ** If you are having problems please try 'CTRL + SHIFT + R' **

    The core feature additions are:

    ‍🎨 Creator Studio - Create and publish a post in <10 seconds with revamped content management UI, including draft posts

    🔗 Link (and text-only) posting - Now do more than just images! Preview and publish links to your favorite articles or websites.

    🖼️ Image cropper - posted to Instagram, but the image won't publish on Twitter? Crop into 15 different formats of your choosing!

    We have also made numerous improvements to the platform:

    #️ Hashtag generator now useful - trending hashtags are now relevant to the text rather than the image (if text is available)

    📏 Custom template sizing - Can't find the perfect image size in the default formats? Create your own!

    📅 Improved content calendar - Now adapts to the screen size to show weekly/monthly views and scrolls to the current time

    Other improvements include: Dropbox integration, Stock photo / GIF previews, workspace management, caption autosave, template search and much, much more! 🔥

  2. Limits Update!


    Hey Ocoyans! 👋

    We thought you deserved a well-earned present for all your support this year! 🙏

    We have increased the limits for all plans for Social Profiles, Team Members and Copy Translations and can be found on our pricing page. 🚀

    For example, for silver users the following has changed:

    🎁 Social Profiles: 25 (20 previously)

    👼 Team Members: 16 (4 previously)

    🤶 Copy Translations: 500 (100 previously)

    This is now reflected in your account.

    Enjoy and have a wonderful holiday - you have made our 2021 very special - thank you! 🥰

  3. We use Intercom to send out teammate invite emails on workspaces and they are currently having issues.

    The workaround is to simply inform your teammate sign up here with the email they were invited to and switch workspaces when they login on the pop-up.

    We are looking to fix this shortly, apologies for the inconvenience.

  4. Due to our newest change regarding Workspaces, some of the Ecommerce shops got disconnected.

    If you were affected - please reconnect your Shopify / WooCommerce shop and everything should be working smoothly.

    Apologies for the inconvenience.


  5. You can now add ANY Shopify store to Ocoya - all you need is the URL. We tried with Gymshark below 🦈

    What does this mean? You can see the images, prices, and titles of all the products of a shop in one place. You can then create your graphic with our Superimposed Templates or editor. Finally, automatically generate captions with the product price + title with the Product Announcements feature. 😲

    To connect a Shopify shop go to the 'Social Channels' section.

    Then go to the Ecommerce section to start posting!


  6. Multi-Lingual 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

    Travis now works for 26 languages (see below for list). You can select the Input AND Output language i.e. Chinese to Latvian is possible! Formal/informal output is also available for the relevant languages (Dutch, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian & Spanish). The 'Select Languages' option will appear on the top right-hand side above each textbox.

    We are introducing the following limits for the use of non-English languages for each plan:

    🥈 Silver - 100 translations per month

    🥇 Gold - 300 translations per month

    💎 Diamond - 700 translations per month

    🏆 Platinum - 2,000 translations per month

    2x Features 😵‍

    In addition, for ALL plans we have doubled Travis' features. We now have >50 options. Examples include Cold Emails, Viral Ideas and Shower Thoughts!

  7. Lovely Jubbly! ❤️

    Introducing our latest feature - the Link Shortener! Why Because we love this short name!

    From now on, Ocoya will automatically assist you when writing captions, and will seamlessly shorten up your links. You can also shorten in bulk, or even generate QR codes for those!

    **NOTE: If you are having issues when using the caption editor - please use CTRL + SHIFT + R (CMD + SHIFT + R) to refresh the cache**



  8. We have just implemented the ability to create video (MP4) and multiple page designs, however, it is currently NOT possible to publish them. We will release these features shortly, but in the meantime please ONLY publish single-page images (PNG).

    Thank you for your understanding and we hope you are enjoying using Ocoya!