We have just released a BIG update! We will be entering the New Year with a faster, more powerful platform (with far fewer bugs!) 🚀

** If you are having problems please try 'CTRL + SHIFT + R' **

The core feature additions are:

‍🎨 Creator Studio - Create and publish a post in <10 seconds with revamped content management UI, including draft posts

🔗 Link (and text-only) posting - Now do more than just images! Preview and publish links to your favorite articles or websites.

🖼️ Image cropper - posted to Instagram, but the image won't publish on Twitter? Crop into 15 different formats of your choosing!

We have also made numerous improvements to the platform:

#️ Hashtag generator now useful - trending hashtags are now relevant to the text rather than the image (if text is available)

📏 Custom template sizing - Can't find the perfect image size in the default formats? Create your own!

📅 Improved content calendar - Now adapts to the screen size to show weekly/monthly views and scrolls to the current time

Other improvements include: Dropbox integration, Stock photo / GIF previews, workspace management, caption autosave, template search and much, much more! 🔥