Feature requests

  1. Wordpress integration

    With the ai writer, it would make sense to write blog posts on Ocoya and publish it to wordpress blogs straight from the scheduler.



  2. (All Plans) Youtube Posts

    (All Plans) Youtube Posts

    Aivaras T


  3. (All plans) Google My Business integration

    (All plans) Google My Business integration



  4. SEO Assistant to create relevant content

    SEO Assistant analyzes the top 30 results for a particular keyword and analyzes all there is to know about those results. The comprehensive report it generates is a result of detailed analysis of all these top results. On top of that, the SEO Assistant also goes through portals like Reddit and Quora to let you know about the popular questions around the keyword and bring more perspectives to your research. Secondly, the editor uses artificial intelligence to create an SEO-friendly, relevant, and engaging copy whenever you feel stuck during writing.

    Guillermo Yaniv Salazar V


  5. (All Plans) A unified inbox for responding to comments and messages.

    (All Plans) A unified inbox would add a ton of value to this platform because there would be no need for any other social media app. Ocoya would cover it all! Creation > Scheduled Posting > Follow Up.

    Insparket M


  6. (All plans) Facebook Groups + Facebook Personal

    (All plans) Facebook Groups + Facebook Personal

    Aivaras T


  7. Search VIRAL TOPICS on all platforms (Amazon, Google, Pinterest, Twitter, Google, Reddit etc.) similar to TopicMojo

    One place, lots of information = Time savings It would help us content creators know what our customers want



  8. (All plans) Favorite hashtags (hashtag library)

    (All plans) Favorite hashtags (hashtag library)



  9. Telegram and WhatsApp integration

    Reach many more people with Telegram/WhatsApp marketing automation



  10. Repeat post in the scheduler (Evergreen posts)

    The ability to schedule a post multiple times automatically would be helpful. (Example schedule content that gets posted every 6 weeks for 1 year).



  11. OpenAI - DALL·E | Creating Images from Text Input

    I don't know if this will work with the same version of AI, however this would definitely be great for unique image creation for social media. Unfortunately, I don't know the cost of image generation on the part of DALL-E per iteration and whether that would be profitable. But hey, the title is "Tell us your Idea!" :D

    Alexander P


  12. Travis AI™ Optimization

    I made this post so we could hopefully keep all Travis AI™ reviews and suggestions to reduces the clutter, I think the following items should really be considered for future Travis AI™ updates: A search bar on top of the tabs, to quickly search for the framework you're looking for Dislike button to train Travis on content that just sucks Similar to Jasper once writing content, ability to use all frameworks without having to go back to the main Travis landing page Generated content should appear at the top for short copy Generated content should appear at the bottom for long-form (wink wink) Tone of voice Article Summarizer & Article Re-Writer Ability to take generated content immediately to social posting with a button Ability for Travis to generate replies based on comments received, (this could be on par with God-Mode to me)



  13. Discord channel

    The top 1 one for gaming companies and communities.



  14. (All Plans) Best time to post

    (All Plans) Best time to post

    Aivaras T


  15. BIO LINK Generator (All My Links)

    BIO LINK Generator (All My Links) With the possibility of customization , data and payment Similar to Switchy