Feature requests

  1. A media library to store and upload our own graphics, and calendar grid to show everything being posted

    Many of us have our own photos and don't need the editor. We need a way to store, upload photos and captions and send then send to the calendar so that we can see them in a grid view. It would save so much time.

    Marina F


  2. (All Plans) Best time to post

    (All Plans) Best time to post

    Aivaras T


  3. Rebuild Ocoya on React

    Rebuild Ocoya on the latest tech from the industry. Focus is making Ocoya perform fast (React).

    Aivaras T


  4. SEO Assistant to create relevant content

    SEO Assistant analyzes the top 30 results for a particular keyword and analyzes all there is to know about those results. The comprehensive report it generates is a result of detailed analysis of all these top results. On top of that, the SEO Assistant also goes through portals like Reddit and Quora to let you know about the popular questions around the keyword and bring more perspectives to your research. Secondly, the editor uses artificial intelligence to create an SEO-friendly, relevant, and engaging copy whenever you feel stuck during writing.

    Guillermo Yaniv Salazar V


  5. (All Plans) Pinterest integration

    (All Plans) Pinterest integration



  6. (All Plans) Tiktok integration

    (All Plans) Tiktok integration

    Aivaras T


  7. (All Plans) Ecommerce Integrations (Etsy, Ebay & Amazon)

    (All Plans) Ecommerce Integrations (Etsy, Ebay & Amazon)



  8. Auto-generate Posts

    We did some work behind the scenes to bring you 1,000s of templates generated by either: given text given image

    Aivaras T


  9. Drag for reorder Graphics manager

    To be able to drag for reorder the graphics of the post

    Joaquín O


  10. Wordpress integration

    With the ai writer, it would make sense to write blog posts on Ocoya and publish it to wordpress blogs straight from the scheduler.



  11. (All plans) Google My Business integration

    (All plans) Google My Business integration



  12. (All Plans) A unified inbox for responding to comments and messages.

    (All Plans) A unified inbox would add a ton of value to this platform because there would be no need for any other social media app. Ocoya would cover it all! Creation > Scheduled Posting > Follow Up.

    Insparket M


  13. (All plans) Facebook Groups + Facebook Personal

    (All plans) Facebook Groups + Facebook Personal

    Aivaras T


  14. (All plans) Favorite hashtags (hashtag library)

    (All plans) Favorite hashtags (hashtag library)



  15. BIO LINK Generator (All My Links)

    BIO LINK Generator (All My Links) With the possibility of customization , data and payment Similar to Switchy